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Why You Need to Provide Home Based Neurofeedback Services:

You’ve likely heard of mobile and home training and thought about it a bit, maybe even tried some of the low cost options on the market without the success and results you are able to provide in office?

Many of those options may appear good but in your heart you knew that the signals and processes are lower quality than you are used to and proud of providing, so it didn’t feel right to you. The thought of teaching your clients how to use a complicated clinical system is a nightmare though, so, now you are searching for viable scientifically sound options, and we have your solution.

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Expand your practice as more people than ever are looking for ways to manage our emotions and cope with our new reality.


Home based neurofeedback costs you less than in-office sessions

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The need for professionally monitored neurofeedback is greater than ever.

Home based is the new norm. The opportunity is here now let us help you. Fill out the form to start.

What Makes SYMMETRY Neuro-PT So Different?

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training launches the Industry’s most user-friendly neurofeedback software that is scientifically backed and customizable to provide the quality of service you can be confident in.  Founded by a Mom on a Mission we make high quality neurofeedback accessible and easy as we guide and support you every step of your way!


User-friendly neurofeedback system developed to provide neurofeedback clinicians the ability to easily manage multiple clients with home based neurofeedback.

Nikki K.

Soltice RTC

"SYMMETRY is an excellent user-friendly program! Dianne is very knowledgable and excellent to work with. I have seen positive results while using this program."


Special client based software designed with a “Do It Yourself” format making neurofeedback sessions easy to set up and compete.

We are currently offering special pricing and financing options which may change so contact us for current offers.

Everyone in this field has a personal story of how neurofeedback changed our lives or the lives of someone we love.  That is our case, here at SYMMETRY Neuro-PT.

The power of neurofeedback to change lives is the guiding light for our company.  Our mission is to get neurofeedback in the hands (and heads!) of as many as possible. We do that by helping professionals and clinicians expand their reach. Let us help you now!

Featured Clients:

Aaron R

Director at Scenic View Academy

"This was a fantastic training. Dianne was very thorough in answering questions regarding the equipment and procedure for assessing clients and providing ongoing treatment.

Aimee F. Team

Fremont 25 school district

"We were lucky enough to get to spend two days training with Dianne before our school starts this year. Everyone was very impressed with how userfriendly the program is and the depth of our training. We are so excited to use the program and start changing lives!"

Home-based is the new norm. The opportunity is here now for you to help others. First, let us help you get started. 

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